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Advocacy + Engagement Campaigns

Mobilize key audiences around your cause with emotional campaigns that drive impact through collaborative action, online and off.


Public Engagement + Participatory Campaigns

Turn the conversation back to the public and engage them on topics of mutual interest. Identify and frame your desired outcome, tailor your messaging and calls to action, engage supporters and collaborators around a shared cause.


Storytelling for social change

When facts and figures fail to motivate, use storytelling to create powerful emotional responses in those who you're trying to reach. Frame your goals, identify the points you want to make, and highlight the stories that make them in the most memorable way.


Product, service + organization launches

Come out with a bang by using online approaches that make your supporters feel like they're part of something special. Articulate your positioning, coordinate online and offline campaigns, and keep up the momentum once the party hats come off.


Case Study

Hear Our Story Campaign
Egale Canada Human RIghts Trust

See how this Marketing Magazine Award winning campaign highlighted the continued need for a unified national voice for LGBTQ rights in Canada.