Session Series:
Social Media for Legal Professionals

Equipping legal teams with innovative approaches to marketing + development.

New media has changed the way we work, live, and play. The latest report out of the Social Media Lab at Ryerson University indicates that upwards of 94% of Canadians are on at least one social network, making us one of the most connected countries on the planet.

CONNECT, a leader in the field since early 2012, offers this series of online and in-person educational sessions to equip professionals with the digital strategies and tactics necessary for effective professional use.

From risk management, to personal branding and collaboration, we explore approaches that help both individuals and organizations expand their influence.

Topics Include

The Personal Brand

Online Differentiation
Organizational Alignment
Identifying Audiences

Risk Management

Identifying Risk Factors
Risk Mitigation Strategies
How NOT to Reduce Risk

Content Sharing

Identifying Audience Needs
Content Format Choices
Content Distribution
Promotional Tactics

Relationship Management

Connecting with Clients
Communication Preferences
Engagement Best Practices

Measurement + Analysis

Goal Setting
Introduction to Performance Metrics
Vanity Metrics
Deep Metrics


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