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Case Study: Rosen Sunshine LLP

Legal Services  |  Education

Health law in Ontario is a complex and ever-evolving field. Rosen Sunshine, a health law firm in Toronto, sought to keep health professionals, administrators, and regulatory bodies up-to-date, while communicating their subject matter expertise in an easy-to-understand way.


The Approach


Educational Content Strategy

Appealing to a broad and diverse audience that is pressed for time meant Rosen Sunshine had to make their points quickly and succinctly. Though adaptable visuals and pithy messaging, we developed Rosen Sunshine's Health Law Prescription - RSRx.


Based on insights gleaned through social media, we altered our content strategy to reflect the emergent learning needs of the firm's diverse audiences.











Results Snapshot


Elyse Says...

The services we have received from Joseph are invaluable.  His thoughtful approach to law firm marketing has assisted us greatly in focusing our efforts in this area.  He is creative, knowledgeable and practical.  He also understands and appreciates how to deal with busy lawyers and provides services that are not only effective but also that reduce the burden on the lawyers. I have enjoyed working with Joseph and look forward to continuing to do so.
— Elyse Sunshine, Founding Partner, Rosen Sunshine LLP