Strategic Communications for Social Purpose Organizations

Advancing your mission online and off.

Social purpose organizations today are faced with an increasing number of complex issues - for many, the challenge lies in cutting through the noise with messages that inspire action.

CONNECT, a leader in the field since early 2012 and with a focus almost exclusively on educative content, offers a range of strategies for social change, from paid media strategies, to actionable content design and distribution.

strategic content design

Knowledge Translation

Make empirical data, results, and reports come to life with engaging design and dissemination, from infographics to video-based storytelling.

Interactive Stakeholder Engagement

Convert static documents like strategic plans and annual reports into engaging, social-friendly content that communicates your domain expertise, and inspires support and action.

Behavioural Content Design

Translate organizational goals into digital content with a purpose. From audience segmentation and targeting to A/B testing, leverage the action points that resonate most

Data Visualization + Reporting

Integrated Communications Reports

The average organization is awash with data - and digital platforms make it easier than ever to measure what works and what doesn’t. Identify data sources, analyze the numbers, and then act on strategic insights with confidence.

Donation, Funding + BI Reports

Go beyond marketing performance to look deeper at organizational characteristics. From donation trends to environmental factors, identify what can make your next campaign stand out from the rest.

ntegrated Reports

Combine your existing reports and data sets to integrate insights from across departments for a birds-eye view of your organization.


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